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Life and Eclipse

Yesterday on 31st Jan 2018 was the Lunar eclipse. Some phase of life is like just eclipse it will come for sure. Sometime it may stay longer and sometime it will be only for short period, but don't forget that you will come after this a better you with more understanding and knowledge.                                Moon is beautiful with all its imperfections. So with all our faults and flaws we should keep improving ourselves and at the same time be moving forward. Moon spreads the light in the darker night.  So be the helping hand to anyone if you can, be the light in someones dark time. Like when the Sun rays touch the moon surface it shines and glows beautifully. So like this if we cant do nothing for anyone's situation, just be there with them, tell them that you are a with them. Sometimes all we need is a moral support that we are not alone. It acts as a catalyst and gives us strength. Moon gives us the sense of peace and serenity. So be the one who spreads the happiness

Some Lines


Live Fully

There are something sudden feelings of the urge to do something or a sudden flash of energy you feel and everything becomes clear that this action you must take, I don't know what it is and when it comes or when you will feel this. The heart beats so fast and it feels like I am gonna do this now. But after sometime we come back to our normal life with all the problems and frustration. Our so-called analytical and intelligent mind it thinks mostly negative all the time that keeps us in our own comfort zone and life goes on. Someday you are gonna have to take action then why not start today.                               Decide, think thoroughly, be sincere about your own life. Don't waste time just by sitting, and continue to do the same thing again and again, which is not giving any improvement or result. Take every action, do what you love while you still have time, do some crazy and silly things, while you are still young, make mistakes. All we have this time. Do what your he