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Live Fully

There are something sudden feelings of the urge to do something or a sudden flash of energy you feel and everything becomes clear that this action you must take, I don't know what it is and when it comes or when you will feel this. The heart beats so fast and it feels like I am gonna do this now. But after sometime we come back to our normal life with all the problems and frustration. Our so-called analytical and intelligent mind it thinks mostly negative all the time that keeps us in our own comfort zone and life goes on. Someday you are gonna have to take action then why not start today.


Decide, think thoroughly, be sincere about your own life. Don't waste time just by sitting, and continue to do the same thing again and again, which is not giving any improvement or result. Take every action, do what you love while you still have time, do some crazy and silly things, while you are still young, make mistakes. All we have this time. Do what your heart says its right.

Of course, there will be some setbacks and pain but keep going, we all have one life why not make it beautiful, run for it, work for it do what you want to do. There will come a time when you will think about your life, there will be a smile on your face that you did that, you lived those moments, and you will be grateful that you never stopped, you tried, you learned, you loved and most of all you lived fully. Because once this time will pass it will never come again, so make it memorable without having any regret.

                             Life is beautiful

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