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Love - Its never fades

                                            Why you feel that you understand someone better than any others. When you like and love or have feelings for someone, their slightest mood change affects us and ours to them. It's like you are in sync with them. If you love someone then there shouldn't be ego or anger. Ego, anger, and frustration arise when there is confusion, communication gap and less understanding of each other. In the present world, there are so many stories you will hear, where love fades and ego wins. Its because you didn't try enough to clear out or it wasn't loving at all. Because when you love someone you love them completely as they are not as you want to be and it goes to both sides. When there is love nothing exist just love, of course, there will be some sort of complications, problems, and miscommunication, but these all will be for short time. Every relationship has their own problems but how they bloom and prosper it all depends on both persons

Why we do not take actions and Why we procrastinate

Somehow deep down we all know what actions we should take for our better future and outcome. But we keep procrastinating, keep doing the same thing and enjoy our own comfort zone. There can be so many reasons for our inactions. First, maybe you don't have clarity or enough reason to start. Second, comes the fear of failure, I think this is the main reason for our inaction. Our own mind and intelligence can be our foe or friend it all depends how we use it.                                  If we are continuously thinking like, ooh it's gonna be bad, maybe this goes this way, what if it won't work, what people will say etc.  If we think like this then our mind will give us thousand reasons not to do. But if we change some little perspective and our thinking and think like what if it worked, if not then I will do next time in a better way or at least I'll know what to do or not and how to do. Then our same mind will back our beliefs and feelings and will give us so many re