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Listen to your heart

If you do something or keep doing something which is against your heart's desire or feelings. Deep down you can feel the aches, the sadness, the dissatisfaction. No matter what you show to the outer world. But you will feel like something missing or empty. You know somehow that you should do this or should do that way but maybe because of your ego or fear of failures or maybe you don't find any meaning or for any other reasons you don't do and stop yourself. This happens because when something matters to you, you try to find meaning out of it. but when you don't get it, you feel like giving up, dissatisfied and losing interest. But if you are trying to give up, just ask yourself once...Did I really tried my best ?..and the answer you will know deep down in your heart. So don't give up anything until you fully satisfied that you tried your best. When something continues to feel right deep down in your heart no matter what the circumstances are, then it means its the