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When You are Gonna Change

I want some changes or I want to change. I think this question everyone asks themselves or think at some point in their life.                              It can be related to your unhealthy lifestyle, maybe you want to go out from any bad relationship, maybe you want to change your career or in some business or in some other areas of your life. You feel like stuck or you think you aren't there where you should be as per your capabilities. Most of the time everyone knows that they need a fresh start but do nothing about it but only just think. And instead of making any progress or doing something meaningful, they keep doing the same thing and living in the same situation and imagine a different result or life. Why some people don't take any action. Maybe they don't want to take any further risk if they have failed sometime in the past, maybe they feel at their lowest self-confidence level or maybe unknowingly they are at ease and become addicted to their current lifestyle.